Led light magnetic floating air bonsai pot PA-0703


Magical Floating Plant Container! This levitating air bonsai pot is a great and unique decoration for home and office. Adopts magnetic levitation technology, the flower pot will automatically float in the air with 360 degree rotation. Easy to install, and the flower pot can get floating very easily. Comes with an electromagnetic LED base, which makes it look very cool when turned on in the dark. Perfect gift for indoor decoration.  



 Base size: 196*196*55mm

Floating object weight: 0-300gram

pot color: green,purple

pot size:8.5*8.5*8cm

floating distance:15-20mm

Base material:plastic with led light (white,blue ,red or customize)

AC Adapter:DC Output 12V, 1500mA




magnetic floating leivtate air bonsai pot heavy 0-500g 


levitate floating air bonsai tree 0-300g


levitate air bonsai 


levitate air bonsai 


levitate air bonsai 


levitate air bonsai