magnetic floating levitate led bulb lighting 


- MAGNETIC LEVITATING LIGHT BULB - Use Magnetic levitation technique,Floating and Spinning automatically in the air Freely without any support or contact, no need cables,batteries

- WIRELESS POWER TRANSMISSION - Bulb powered through the air via induction,lights controlled by the touch button:on/off


  • Base Global Voltage Compatible: 110 - 240 v 
  • Power: 0.8 W 
  • Efficiency: 16Lm/W 
  • Brightness: 80-100 Lumens 
  • Touch button: on/off, 
  • Levitation height: 15mm-17mm 
  • Bulb size130*65mm/ 45mm 
  • Base size120*120*30mm 
  • Package size: 255 x 165 x 112 mm 
  • Product Weight: 1100g 


new wooden base levitate led bulb lamp 

base material: wooden

floating weight:0-300g

Base size : 16*16*3cm

bulb materia: glass

bulb color: white and warm white

bulb size:70mm*130mm

floating distance:20mm