A floating lamp is the perfect gift! This lamp has a wooden base with a light bulb that floats. The light bulb levitates and lights up by simple but fascinating science. The levitation is the result of electromagnetic forces between the base and bulb. And the light bulb itself is powered through induction. The Magnetic Levitating Light Bulb gives atmospheric light and fits into any modern interior, in short magical lightning!

- Unique stylish design
- Functional and decorative
- Light Bulb levitates in a magnetic field
- Light source: LED
- Efficiency: 16 Lm / W 
- Voltage: 110-240 V

Product information 
- Product: Magnetic Levitating Light Bulb with Oak Base
- Material: Oak/Metal
- Dimensions: H 36.5 x W 15.5 x D 9 cm
- Dimensions light bulb: H 13 x Ø 6.5 cm
- Dimensions base: L 16 x W 11 x H 2 cm
- Weight: 794 grams
- Colour: Oak/Silver
- Packaging: Gift Packaging
- Packaging dimensions: L 19 x W 12 x H 40 cm
- Packaging weight: 1044 grams
- Brand: United Entertainment